Aaron discovered his passion for photography at an early age and once he had a camera in his hand, he wasn’t able to put it down. He shot his first paid wedding at only 16 and has continued to grow in his passion for photography and has been shooting professionally for the last 15 years. From weddings, maternity, families, band promotionals, products, to concerts and more, Aaron has captured a wide array of photos and special moments.

Most of all, Aaron loves photography because of the people he gets to know and work with. Being able to tell each person’s story, capture it, and turn it into art is a special honor for him.

When he’s not taking photos, Aaron enjoys spending time exploring new places and going on adventures with his wife Bethany, as well as picking up new hobbies and working on projects like building furniture.  



With a keen eye for creative thinking, Bethany has been a huge help to Aaron. Since they met, Bethany has been an ongoing model and muse for Aaron, and has been learning the ins and outs of the world of photography.

She has become very good at noticing the little details that help make a great photo and loves capturing the different emotions and stories that they tell. While growing up in the northwest all her life, she loves spending time outdoors, in the rain, the sun, at the beach and in the green lush forests.

While being able to shadow Aaron and learn more of what he knows, Bethany has been able to pick up and become a large part of Klicker Photography and she is excited to continue that journey and grow in her skills.